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Asbestos Testing Denver Services

Asbestos is a human carcinogen according to a classification recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Many building materials used in the past especially for insulation and fire retardation purposes used to contain asbestos. If disturbed, such materials can easily release asbestos fibers which contaminate the air causing a serious health risk.



Testing Must Be Done For Detection of Asbestos

You can’t tell if any building material contains asbestos fibers by just looking at it, so a Denver professional testing service is always necessary if there is any reason to suspect that a material contains asbestos. When you plan to carry out any home remodeling work, involve professionals and make sure samples of all suspected asbestos materials are taken for testing and identification. Your contractor will tell you that an asbestos test is a must before refurbishment or any work that involves disturbing materials likely to contain asbestos.


Sampling Asbestos Containing Building Materials

Whenever you need to use our asbestos testing service, we will advise you to consider using our professional services:

  • You can request to have our asbestos surveyors visit your residential or commercial building property to take samples of any materials suspected to contain asbestos.
  • You can take the samples yourself then send them to us for testing. Follow our instructions on how to safely take the samples before sending them to our accredited asbestos testing laboratory  (not recommend)
asbestos removal

How We Test For Asbestos

  • Wear disposable gloves, and protective clothing
  • To minimize the risk of spreading any asbestos fibers, shutting down heating or cooling systems is recommended
  • Identify the areas where you need to get samples
  • Add water and disinfectant into a spray bottle, dampen the area  to collect sample before disturbing it. Dampen the area only slightly and do not disturb it more than it’s necessary to collect the sample.
  • Using a knife or any suitable sharp tool, break off a small piece (2 – 3 inches square) of the material suspected to contain asbestos
  • Put the sample inside a re-sealable clear polythene bag. Every sample should have a double bag.
  • Label clearly each bag containing a sample, indicating  name and address, and if the sample was collected from ceiling, kitchen, etc
  • All the samples should then be placed into a bag or container, and taken to the asbestos testing laboratory
  • If the exposed sample site is easily accessible and poses risk to the occupants of the building, use sealant to repair or seal the area

Upon receiving samples in our laboratory, we test them and carry out a comprehensive analysis before reporting back to you.

If you suspect any materials in your home or any other building property contains asbestos, call for our professional advice on what to do to improve the safety of your environment. Our goal is to keep you and anyone living in your home or working in your building safe.


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We Are Accredited Asbestos Testing Professionals

The entire process of asbestos sampling and testing requires following strict procedures that must meet high industry standards and regulations. Federal, state and local agencies play different roles as far as asbestos regulation is concerned. Using an accredited service protects you and your contractor to comply with the strict regulations and avoid paying hefty fines. Most importantly, you need a safe home or commercial property for you and al the other occupants.



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